Why I'm requesting a refund

Bought a license yesterday in hopes of being able to stream video to my Onkyo TX-NR509. All I find is frustration and poor documentation. After spending way too much time searching for answers on various topics of concern for me, I’m no wiser. How can I get my device recognized? It’s not on the drop-down list unless it’s a “MPEG1/2 Video Device” or “WMV9 Video Device” – who knows? I know the IP address but can’t enter it anywhere. If I skip video and use it just for audio, it’s useless without playlist capabilities (no directions, ‘playlist’ search in Forums tells me nothing). Do Pro licenses actually provide useful documentation? The basic license sure doesn’t. The forums seem useless for getting answers from what I’ve seen, and up front users are discouraged from even using them with the warnings. And I pay money for this? What am I missing? On top of the $, I’ve wasted half of my Saturday trying to make this work – i can’t get a refund on that.

The full profile list does not presented in the dropdown list.
Does the player recognizing TVersity?
If it recognized go to the status tab and check what you see under devices when trying stream video to the player.
This can give to us an indication regarding is the device supported by TVersity.
I case if it does not supported => to get a refund (within 30 days from date of purchase) go to:

Sorry for your frustration foolofgrace but the Onkyo device you mention is not officially supported and in such cases the user experience varies significantly. Some unsupported devices just work, while others partially work or do not work at all.

To address your question you need not enter an IP address at all, the discovery is automatic and is supposed to be done by the Onkyo device.