Wii - and TVersity

Have got it running nicely to the wii now - great stuff to tversity, however its a bit "pixelated" and not what I was excpecting if I am honest - this is a wii issue I know, however what do people recommend as a decent setting to set up for wii streaming, to get the best you can ?

Apparently it’s the version of flash assosiated with the Wii Opera browser. I have gotten some decent results by reloading the video several times. Sometimes it load clearer than others, go figure.

You aren’t doing HD to a Wii so maybe you are seeing poor Flash performance. Is it ALL your videos or just a few?..

Not having a Wii and never having seen TVersity stream to one, I can’t say ‘pixilated’ is unusual.

Someone with experience will have to chip in…

Quality isn’t great with Flash. There’s a CHANCE that a less-detailed codec like Flash might stay ahead of the framerate you need for sustained play, but you have to find out the hard way. Even my Q9450 did’t stay ahead for a whole movie last time I tried it, but it was transcoding to WMV9…

http://localhost:41952/medialib/browse sounds like it...

Thanks I got that part installed, it is I just don’t know what address to type in to the address bar to get to tversity to get it started fromthe WII , I know I am comparing here but with playon it was www.playon.tv and then click on my pc and it came up,. seems to be a little more envolved here or I am making it harder than it really is and I think that is what the problem is me not the software.

Thanks :D

Hey Mike, Currently I use TVersity with my XBox, but as XBMC supports a fair variety of formats, I have never made use of the transcoding functionality of the product. How well does transcoding to Flash work in practice? How taxing is it on the host/server system?

All of them I sat and checked most of them last night?


Usually the setup is just to run the install program and get the ffdshow stuff in as well as TVersity.

If you have other codecs installed and can’t transcode something, the Merit can be turned up in ffdshow so it takes over the job…

New guy probably stupid question but as I know there are no stupid questions just uneducated ones.
so here goes, I am coming from a past PLAYON user… and I want to become a TVersity user, because
I have been told it was better by friends in Boston. I have a WII, they don’t…
Can some one tell be how to set up this thing. or just give me a little guidence, I am a real novice at this
I am not a geek of any kind when it comes to computers, Playon was pretty easy for me. I am having a little
trouble here but I am sure it is just me… thanks for any help…

bc :)