Win7 64 bit Support?

First post, so hello! i have had a look through the FAQs etc, but cant find anything similar.
I have been using Tversity for a year or two with no problems until now, changed my TV but no problem all worked OK, i have now changed my laptop,the old one was running a 32bit win Vista, upgraded to win 7 home premium,
The new one is running win 7 64bit home premium, other than the specs thats the only difference, now i had no problems with the same movies streaming with the old set up, but with the new the TV reports that its an incompatible file.
I have been through the config to see if its a set up problem, but nothing woks, i have also installed ffd show to see if this helps,
but so far nothing works, is this a 64bit problem? so any help would be appreciated.

Graphedit will show the Directshow filters involved in playing (rendering, in the Graphedit menu) a video. Usually that helps determine if something extra is in the way…

It’s definitely not a Windows 64-bit issue since that is the OS that I am running, and so far no real big hiccups. I have seen many posts about a tool that you can use to see what codecs TVersity is trying to use to transcode, but I can’t seem to find any now. Hopefully the mod can provide you the tools name if I haven’t gotten back to you.

On a different not have you tried streaming something that you know for sure works on your desktop (some kind of mpeg) and set it so it doesn’t try to transcode. This should at least give you an idea if you are in some kind of working state.

Just a thought

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