WP7 Streaming

Hi there,

I have issues streaming from TVersity to my WP7 using either the TVerstity app or the myMedia app from the app store. I dont have problems finding the servers etc or browsing my libraries, my issue is with buffering and stuttering when playing films. It buffers ok but the buffer drops to fast and so a continuous buffering ensues which in turn causes stutter.

Heres the Tversity Settings:

Streaming to a Samsung Omnia 7
WMV9 Device
Always Transcode
Lower Bitrate for network speed
Optimise for Speed
Using DirectShow
Compression (tried them all, min, avg and max)

Everything else is pretty much standard, although i have tried changing the most obvious settings to try and reduce the stutter, all to no evail, even when my settings changes drastically lower the quality the stutter is still the same, occurs at the same frequency so it doesnt seem to make a differance changing quality settings and bandwith settings.

I have purchased the Tversity Server app and both the TVersity Remote and MyMedia applications for the WP7 and both have the same issues, althoug the TVersity app is better in my opinion due the face it tells me why its stuttering (the buffer running out)

So has anyone else had similar issues? And can anyone help me resolve it?


the films im transcoding are mostly .mkv, running on a quad core server that hits around 60% CPU when transcoding, its also worth noting that i also use Air Video which is the apple equivalent and that works seamlessly using the same set-up, it transcodes fine and streams to apple wireless devices fine, just for comparison.

When transcoding the TVersity settings page states its transcoding and usually sits at about 10% before saying suspended until the client reaches a point where the next section of the films needs transcoding and queuing for streaming?

From what i can see there isnt a problem with the server (performance), the videos do play with sound (so codecs are ok), any ideas?


After messing around with the settings i had to change the Max Resolution for the transcode to 400x800 (this is the native resolution of my device), tversisty transcodes my films into a suitable resolution based on the file/settings,

Changing this setting of course dropped the needed bandwidth and playback was ALOT better, still fine tuning but i was running 2 films at the same time being streamed to 2 wp7 devices with hardly any issues.

So for some people who are experiencing buffering issues over WI-FI it might be worth checking the transcode resolution isn’t to high.

I thought you must test or try to audit or fix your wireless network with some wi-fi analyzer like airmagnet.