Xbox 360 vs x264 vs Xvid

With recent shelving of Xvid in favour of x264 there’s been plenty of grumbling from console users, myself included.

Advocates for the x264 format claim that it is supported by both the Xbox 360 and PS3, however if a put an x264 mp4 file on a USB stick and plug it into my xbox 360 it certainly cannot read it, and the Xbox doesn’t provide the option to download a media update. As such I’m delving more deeply into TVersity’s settings to try and optimize settings for the x264 files.

Normally I have TVersity configured to transcode only when needed, which has worked great up until this point. When attempting to play a x264 file however TVersity doesn’t recognise the format as needing to be transcoded, and as such it doesn’t play on the xbox 360.

If I select to transcode ‘always’ the x264 file does play, thankfully, but it also means that all my avi’s that don’t normally need transcoding are now being transcoded. This wouldn’t be an issue except that videos that are transcoded are a nuisance to skip forward and back through, ie they cannot be fast forwarded and rewound as easily as non-transcoded videos due to the video having to be transcoded on the fly.

So at this point I find myself with two undesirable options:

(i) enable transcode always – and lose the ability to fast forward and rewind easily for all my videos due to the added cpu drain of transcoding, or

(ii) continually change between ‘transcode only when needed’ and ‘transcode always’ depending on whether I’m playing a regular Xvid or a x264 file.

I gather I need to TVersity to transcode the x264 files under the ‘transcode only when needed’ setting, but it simply doesn’t recognise the x264 format as needing to be transcoded. Anybody have any suggestions as I’d rather not enforce transcoding always.


Thanks for the reply, but I ditched TVersity a while ago now. I’ve moved onto using a jailbreaked Apple TV2 to view my home media. It’s much more convenient. There’s no need to run a program (such as TVersity) on the PC as the ATV can see all the files via SMB, which means no library fretting, plus the ATV can play practically any file type. It’s a much better setup.

just make a folder for ‘always transcode’ files - then in the advanced folder settings you can set everything to always transcode, leaving you to leave all your other files set on ‘transcode when needed’ or ‘never transcode’
a simple solution, but it works 8)