XBox One and XBox 360 Connecting


I’ve been a Pro user for several years now and recently tried to connect my old XBox 360 up to stream to a different TV. Here were my results: (Note: I was not streaming to both devices at the same time)

TVersity Settings Device Set to XBOX One

  • XBOX One works fine but the 360 does not detect the TVersity media server at all.
  • PS3 works fine too…

TVersity Settings Device Set to XBOX 360

  • XBOX 360 works fine but the One does not detect the TVersity media server at all.

TVersity Settings Device Set to Auto

  • XBOX 360 works fine
  • XBOX One sees the videos but when I try to play one I just get a blank screen on the TV.

Anyone know the best setting for both? Anyone tried this?


You need the setting to be Auto for different devices to work at the same time. The Xbox one issue you mention when the setting is auto, suggests that TVersity was not able to identify the Xbox one correctly. What does the status page shows? Is the Xbox one identified?

Make sure you restart the software after setting the devices to auto so that no left-overs from previous settings affect the results.

Thanks will try that tonight and reply back

I set it to auto and restarted the service and consoles. The 360 plays fine, the xbox one just displays a blank screen. The status on the media server detects it as a 360 and it shows streaming and transcoding

Little more info. On auto on the XBOX ONE mp4’s do play, mkv’s give the black screen.

Looks like your Xbox one is not detected properly by TVersity and it is mistakenly considered an Xbox 360. Can you reproduce the issue while generating logs for us and then send it? We will try to see if we can help you tweak the configuration so that the problem goes away.

Instructions for generating logs are at: