Xbox System Player plays files Tversity fails on

Using vanilla Xbox 360 system player and DLNA I can play some video files that if I try to play using Tversity error out or have grayed out icon. Mostly MKV files (evidently I didn’t notice the update which allowed this) but occasional MP4. I’ve also had some files (both) that Tversity simply won’t display at all, even with grayed-out icon, but system player sees and plays just fine. I’ve tried refreshing the database, and I have transcoding turned off completely.

I’d basically like Tversity to show all video files on my Xbox and let it decide if it can play them. Is there a setting for this?

Window 10

When you set transcoding to off, this is what happens. The things that are grayed out, are such because the Xbox refuses to play them. You can verify this by checking the status page of the GUI while attempting to play something, there is a transcoding section there and if it is empty it means nothing is being transcoded.

I’m sorry, but your response makes no sense. I already said the Xbox plays the files that Tversity grays out. And of course nothing will be transcoded when transcoding is turned off.

The graying off is not done by TVersity, it is done by the Xbox. How do you know it plays them? Did you try via USB?

I know because I navigate to them using the default Xbox System Player and hit “play”. And they play.

What do you mean the default system player? Is not it the same player as the one used for TVersity? Are these files on the PC? If so you must be using Windows Media Player and it transcodes too so you may be mistakenly concluding that the Xbox can play them but it cannot.