Xbox360 won't detect Tversity

I am sure I am not the first with this problem but I could not find a working solution for me.
xbox360 slim, wireless connected via a router to a Win7(64) PC. Wifi works - PC is detected, WMC works fine. Router has correct port forewarding but even direct connection via ethernet cable and a switch does not change things. I checked the firewall rules, disabled the streaming for WMC and so on. Tversity is up and running (can be locally accessed via html) but whenever I open up the "play video" menu on xbox there is no sign of tversity.
I am running out of ideas - can someone point me to a "how to setup for dummies", a step-by-step walkthrough on how to check and finally establish a connection?

Thank you so very much.

still no one with any idea what to check? :shock:

Any suggestions? Any?

I’m experiencing the same issue. I have found that if you restart the tversity service on your pc you will have it show up on your xbox untill you try to open it up. I’ve checked the error logs and there is nothing in there (not sure if there is any special command/config i need to use to get the logging level set higher). I haven’t been able to narrow anything down either. The one change i have noticed is my tversity version 2.2 has been installed c:\program data\ instead of c:\program files (x86)\. I have used more than one xbox to test. Both xboxes act the same way. I am running tversity on Windows 2008r2 sp1. WMC is not installed and I granted the tversity service app (C:\ProgramData\TVersity\Media Server\MediaServer.exe) allowed rules on inbound and outbound firewall rules. I recall that i have been able to stream since the last xbox update.

Hope this extra info helps. I’m curious to know what else others have observed.