Youtube on XBOX 360, Auido plays on PC

For some reason today, Youtube video would stream to the xbox just fine, but audio would not play via the xbox, instead playing through my PC. I am lost at what to look for or why this may be happening. Help guys?

I am having exactly this problem, so you’re not alone. I also have no idea what is going on.

I am having the same problem, too. Only difference is that I am watching the video on TV but audio comes from the laptop. As I can see your post is very old. did you find any solution for this problem in the meantime?
Thanks a lot!!

This is a new issue with YouTube. They no longer use Flash and our engine is Flash specific. We are looking into extending our engine to handle HTML5 too. For the time being our Screen Server is the best workaround, we will offer 66% off to users that have this issue so that they have a temp solution.