The Youtube URLs, which work perfectly on the internet to play a video, are not accepted by Tversity. WHY? What do I have to Change?

I’m finding youtube is hit or miss for what shows up.

Only 1/3rd my favorited videos work.

Anyone else getting this?

Switch the settings in YouTube / My Account / Activity Sharing / "What activities do I share?" to on, and it works.

I tried the same but not able to view can you tell me the process

i too have the same problem when i upload a video i cant see any videos on my tv

Yes, 1.9.2. is still not working perfectly. Have a Look at my other Post:


I know ever since I updated to 1.9 it keeps saying error could not get url, I hope someone fix this soon.

use 1.9.2

thanks, but unfortunately been waiting for a few days now, still no play :x :x

Wait till tversity and youtube finally both stop switching their files around.

Theres suppose to be a new version coming out soon.


Same problem here. I can see "my favourites" in youtube folder of tvversity, but cannot play "video cannot be played"
Transcoding is enabled… and activity sharing in Youtube is enabled… any suggestions please?

Youre not going to get them to play… its not a do this/that thing. Its a programing ssue.

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